My girlfriend and I got in to the show on the 3rd early, so there was no line in that congested culling of attendees that first night, just smooth sailing, and ease of use entrance going. So after peeling ourselves away from the bed of our Pick Up Truck Tour vehicle, complete with beach chairs, roller cooler, and a cool 10 knot southerly wind, we meandered the lot, climbed the sky bridge, deftly tackled the port-o-lets (females still angry at the male usage) and approached the Bovine-like culling of humans into a gated threshold we needed to avoid.
      This is where the VIP tent tickets ($50) comes into play. We asked a laniard adorned woman what our tickets could do prior to getting into the Venue and she points to the VIP overhanging walkway over to the left of the venue, away from the herding of cattle into frisking lines. We sauntered on over to the smiling crew of worker, wished them a happy quatro de julio, and briskly strutted into the venue, well in advance of the many people crying from the prodding of electrified johnny sticks!
      Once in the venue, the dry campus of Wantagh, those of us, like an ancient secret we won't let out, have our tickets de-chadded and are whisked away into the alcoholic oasis that is the VIP tent! Now, let me tell you, hot dogs come in two's, beer floweth from the chilled mouths of spewing taps, and part of the grounds are carpeted with sod like grassy substance that one might use if creating a putting green in one's own back yard, of one's own million dollar mansion. There are even chilled port-o-lets, benches in field's that seem lightyears from the stage and venue proper. There is a widows-watch that perches over the standing room only, which I did not feel comfortable getting to the edge, embarrassed I might feel like some corrupt politician, gawking at his constituents, losing their faith and vote.
      Jones Beach VIP, (I may add more later, alter my vantage point as I know I need to do it more justice) is the only way to see a show at JB. Whether it be Bieber or The F. Scott Fitzgerald Ensemble, Modest Mouse, Pink, Kenny Chesney, Adam Levine of Maroon Five, Brittany, Milli Vanilli, or any other high grade performing artist, do not see them in the venue proper...though you have access to that as well!


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