With these words I ignite fires,
recited to majesties and sires
by jesters in their courts
required to incite riots,
their humor, anger thwarts
tends to smolder funeral pires
But its my desire to perspire,
in this lyrical attire
like a top hat,
and my pumas
the statics hectic
now sinking in the mire
I shock like I'm electric
stammer like I'm wired,
perpetually inspired
like a groove that requires,
a little hi hat but no driver
by the likes of the mainliners
that shoot through my desires
like blood coursing through the veins of the those that sit higher
floods forcing their stream through the levies and the bayous
but my label is not dated and I will never expire.

this Philosophical misfit, gets mis-fit, and mis-hits attempts a quick fix
he uses bandaids on liquid, like insider trading for stock tips, he gets dismissed
as a lyrical conniption fit, unfit for this gig, is mis-judged and blows his lid
bliss follows en suite and leads to him quitting his engagement, gets black listed

I'll certainly give it til tomorrow, pay you back the dollar that I borrow
the one you didn't know, I borrowed, cause I won't borrow it til tomorrow
the sorrow, it scars though, like a hard blow to the stomach, its a body blow
leaves a scar though from incisions in the skin that cuts deep but looks shallow
blood pools from the cut, almost blue on the skin, feigning a grin, laughing cause it heals slow

(KRS) one time,
the sun's lines,
cast shadows on the fault line,
burned like terpentine,
poured on an open wound,
and we're resigned
that KRS one time to act matter of factly

(Run DMC) me,
with these white lines,
cut so purely,
unrefined, mystically devine
gets my lips to rolling,
in double time,
trolling the blood that is boiling
through (RunDMC) me

(Snoop)dog days,
these long days,
a sharp haze,
of nights gaze, the purity plays exactly
cataclysmic catalyst
enigmatic addict,
is active and ecstatic
of (Snoop)dog days of the holy

Devine intervention,
sublime sensation,
creation from the apple,
that fed Eve,
threatened Adam
They had em, out on a limb,
back against a wall,
empty within,
limited in sin, quite serpentine
quick to quench the thirst,
brimming without,
lacking with doubt,
fear from thought that threatened

Enter Satan, saint-misbehaving,
his eyes shifty and hands shakin,
concocting stories, like the doubt he was baking
earth quaking, catastrophic events he was emanating,
debating with the ages, the question of the waking


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